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Privacy Policy:

According to the provisions of Law 15/1999, we inform you that the data obtained from this form will be incorporated into an automated file under the responsibility of the Manager of NANObicycles in order to answer your queries and send information that may be of interest. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing to our address "C / de la Mar 10 07012 Palma (Illes Balears, Spain)".
Until you tell us otherwise, we understand that your data has not been modified, you agree to notify any change and that we have your consent to use for said purposes.
The submission of this data implies acceptance of this clause.

Cancellation policy:


Up to 24h before the tour departure time: free cancellation.

Less than 24h before the tour departure time: 50% of the total cost will be charged.

Cruise ship passengers: if your cruise ship does not dock at Palma Port due to a case of force majeure such as weather conditions, strikes or any other on the day of your reservation, this will be fully refundable.


It is necessary to request for a booking cancellation by email to including your booking reference number (or booking details).

Up to 24h before the rental period begins: a penalty fee of 10% of the total cost will be charged. 

Less than 24h before the rental period begins: 100% of the total cost will be charged.

No refunds are possible after the rental begins.

Bike Tour Requirements:

1)      All riders have to be able to ride a bicycle.

2)     City Bike Tours and Fun Bike Tours are suitable for everyone but we highly recommend you let us know of any special condition. Adventure Bike Tours tend to be more sporty so we highly recommend you are used to cycle regularly.

3)     All riders must follow the instructions of our guides and respect the actual Spanish traffic regulations.

4)     We will provide you the bikes according to your height. For special needs bikes, please let us know in advance to organize it.

5)     Children: all people under 16 years old must wear helmet compulsory and everyone under 18 have to be accompanied by an adult. We also provide child seats for children up to 22 kilos as well as child bikes and baby trailers. 

6)     Although helmets are not compulsory for people over 18 years old we highly recommend its use.

7)     We recommend the use of cloths according to a sport activity and sun cream in the hottest months of summer.


Terms and conditions:

Bicycle tours

1)     Regular tours have a minimum of 2 guests (in case there is a different minumum amount, it will be specified in our web).

2)     Please, notice that booking is required for all our tours.

3)     Our tours are done in English. Other languages under request.

4)     Our routes may vary owe to road works or special celebrations. In that case, we will take an alternative route to the attractions published in our website.

5)     All the prices include tax, the bicycle rental for the duration of the tour, helmet, experienced tour guide and liability insurance.

6)     All our bicycles are checked by professional mechanics. Anyway, in case of breaking down, puncture, or any other failure, our guides are instructed to do repairs and are provided with bicycle tools and spare parts.

7)     Our company is covered with liability insurance although we strongly recommend having a full personal insurance.

 Conditions and policies subject to change without notice. 


1.      METHOD OF PAYMENT: Cash or credit/debit card when booking/renting and for the total period of the service. For security reasons, NANO bicycles staff can require credit card payment. Pre-paid cards are not accepted, we only accept Visa or Mastercard.

2.      DEPOSIT: When renting the bikes, the customer will be required for a valid credit card (showing it to NANO bicycles staff) and an identity document such as a passport, driving license or national identity card for European citizens. For non-European citizens, they will be required for a valid credit card (showing it to NANO bicycles staff) and a passport. For security reasons, a deposit (paid by cash or card) can be required as well.

3.      CANCELLATIONS: See above.

4.      EARLY RETURN: No refund will be made in case the equipment is returned before the end of the contracted rental time.

5.      USE OF THE RENTED EQUIPMENT: Who signs the contract must be over 18 years old and will have responsibility of the rented equipment. The rental equipment can be given only for a personal use and, only under the authorization of NANO bicycles, it can be used for commercial and advertising use.

6.      NANO bicycles must authorize the rental and/or extension of the contract and it can deny the rental at any time and under any circumstance.

7.      RETURN OF THE EQUIPMENT: The renter will return the equipment and all its accessories at the place, date and time stipulated. Any alteration must be authorized by NANO bicycles. The late return of the rented equipment enables NANO bicycles to charge the customer for the extra time (counted in full days) according to their current rates and to legally require the return of the material and/or to charge penalties. In case the equipment is returned out of NANO bicycles shop opening hours (advertised in that establishment) a penalty may be charged to the client. For the bikes rented with repair kit, the client will be charged 5€ if he/she uses the inner tube provided. The client will be also charged 5€ if one of the wheels has a flat tyre when returning the bike. In case there are another damages, the client will pay the spare parts at market prices.

8.      LIABILITY: The liability insurance is included in the rental price of the equipment. The customer is responsible for being insured with adequate coverage against risks that may arise during the rental period. NANO bicycles is not responsible for claims for accidents, drowning, death, injury, shock or damage to themselves and third parties, property, or for the loss of items caused by any reason. Also, the client declares that his health is optimal for cycling and he has no illness that prevents him/her from driving, and is aware that NANO bicycles does not have insurance to cover any bodily or property injury of the customer, being exonerated NANO bicycles of any liability of that.

9.      COMPANY LIABILITY: The company claims to have taken all precautions to avoid mechanic failures of the rented equipment, but in the event of these will not assume any liability for damages that may directly or indirectly cause the tenant as a result of such failures or breakdowns. In case of any of these faults or failures happen stopping the client using the bike, it must notify the staff NANO bicycles to proceed to repair or replace the equipment. In no case the client is allowed to take the equipment leased to another company in order to proceed to its repair.

10.    YOUR RESPONSABILITY: The lessee is the only responsible for the proper use and supervision of the bike and all its accessories and components, so the theft under any circumstances, loss, breakage or damage that may happen, will be charged 100% to the customer. The costs of the bikes, accessories and components will be shown by NANO bicycles staff when required. NANO bicycles always check the bikes after all rentals, therefore, in case of abnormal working of the bicycle and / or accessories when starting their use or delivery, the client must inform NANO bicycles immediately because otherwise breakage or damage will be charged to the client. NANO bicycles shall not be liable for any expenses due to park the equipment in areas marked prohibited, such as fines or any other penalties.

11.    INSURANCE: NANO bicycles does not offer any type of insurance for theft or damage.

12.    DERIVATIVES AMOUNTS AUTHORIZATION: By signing this contract, you authorize NANO bicycles to charge in your credit/debit card account all the derivatives amounts from the rental of the equipment in case of these are caused by the renter.

13.    The customer and his/her group are responsible to respect the rules of Spanish traffic.

14.    You authorize NANO bicycles to send you commercial information as advertisement by any media such as discounts, special promotions, new products in advance, etc. In case you decide not to receive that information, you can send a “unsubscribe” petition by email to:

15.    The contract is governed by Spanish law. Jurisdiction of this contract shall be exclusively Illes Balears, Spain.

16.    You consent the treatment of your personal information, as necessary for the agreed service, and for other products and services which you will be informed in due time. You also authorize the use of photos and images of you taken by NANO bicycles staff for advertisement in the website and social media of the company and its partners.  Your personal information will be treated confidentially; NANO bicycles will take the necessary measures to comply with Spanish legislation on the protection of personal data (Organic Law 15/99). You have the right to access, rectify and, if you wish, cancel your personal data by means of a written petition addressed to NANO bicycles. You likewise authorized NANO bicycles to transmit your data to other companies in the group or other companies with which the company may reach collaborations agreements, to improve the service given and for credit control whether in Spain or abroad (including the USA), in any case complying with Spanish legislation regarding the protection of personal information. If you breach this contract your personal data may be revealed or handed over to third parties, as necessary to facilitate the collection of any due amounts.  


Opening hours Febuary:

Monday to Sunday

10:00h - 14:00h

16:00h - 18:00h

Tel: +34 971 66 73 60


Shop 1 (Meeting point for bicycle tours and pick up point for bicycle bookings): C/ de la Mar, 10.    Palma de Mallorca

Shop 2: C/ de la Boteria, 7. Palma de Mallorca



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